Zingo Star

There are times when a restaurant impresses you with it’s food , service and ambiance , and Zingo Star does exactly that. Located in upscale Greater Kailash II , this restaurant is sure to win your hearts.

Me and a friend decided to head to this great restaurant on a lazy Saturday after reading some great reviews about this place. The first look that this place gives you is that you can unwind, grab a drink and have a great time with your friends. The menu is elaborate and there is a variety of things to choose from.

We decided to try out the Dirty Shirley and Desi Shikanji. I loved how Dirty Shirley was served to us. These days restaurants have been focusing on presentation which I feel is important.

Dirty Shirley was prepared and was refreshing. It had some interesting flavors making it an ideal drink to cool off with during these crazy summer days.

IMG_4710We all have grown up enjoying the much loved Shikanji, and Zingo Star aced in that area. Their Desi Shikanji drink won my heart. The spices that were added in the drink got in some tanginess to the drink.


The restaurant is known for their chicken wings and we had to try it. We opted for wings in Chipotle and Barbeque Sauce and they were amazing. Spicy and perfectly flavored, the chicken wings are a must have when you visit Zingo Star.



For the mains, we ordered Uzi Sliders and BBQ Sliders burgers. The mini burgers were amazing and tasted great. The buns were fresh and Zingo Star is known for making their bread in store. They have a great menu for burgers and lot of options to choose from.


Zingo Star as a restaurant is a mix of amazing food, great ambiance, swift service and a warm staff. One can see that the staff and the members of the restaurant take pride in the food they serve and the way they look after their guests.


If you are looking for a place to unwind with your friends and family, do give this place a try.



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