Say Hello to Thai House By Kylin

Popular joint The Kylin has recently opened their new restaurant- Thai House which focuses only on Thai Cuisine. Delhi is known for it’s gastronomy and Thai House makes a smart move by treating the city to some fine dishes which takes the diners on a short trip to Thailand.

Here’s a quick take on the restaurant:


Located in N Block Market, Thai House boasts of a warm ambience. The decor has been done in shades of brown and have been kept minimal. The restaurant is housed on two floors with the second floor being an open terrace. With the onset of winters, the terrace will be perfect for those weekend brunches and long conversations.


1. Poo Ja and Thod Mun Khao Phod

The starters were delicious and were in perfect bite sizes. Poo Ja which was a crab cake tasted delicious whereas Thod Mun Khao Phod was a mix of sweet and spicy Thai patty. They were perfect starters to munch on while we waited for our food to come.

2. Kung Phat Bai Phak ChiI Lae
The Grilled Butterfly Jumbo Prawn was amazing. The prawn had been perfectly cooked, and the flavors of coriander leaves and chili came out brilliantly well. The dish is a must try!

3. Gai Phat Khing
The dish comprised of stir fried chicken tossed with ginger and other vegetables. The defining ingredient was sliced ginger which gave it a great character. It was seasoned well and tasted amazing.

4. Khao Kraya Khu
This one was a sugar-free tiramisu and was an absolute delight. It had a healthy touch to it with the use of sugar-free making it even more special.

Chef Nikhil Kanwar has whipped up some spectacular dishes that will floor you with it’s tastes and flavours. He has made it a point to serve dishes that are his favourites and that just shows how passionate the restaurant is about the food they serve.

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