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Punjab Grill has been a go to place if you want to indulge in North Indian flavours and the restaurant has always lived up to it’s reputation of being one of the best restaurants in the country to serve some delectable preparations.
The restaurant recently celebrated it’s Rangla Punjab food festival where the restaurant brought the authentic flavours of rural Punjab to our tables. Punjab Grill recently went to Punjab to discover these interesting flavours so that their loyalists could savour the true colours of the rich city.
The festival was organised at their Select CITYWALK outlet where they went all out in terms of the décor, ambience, uniforms and of course, the food to give their customers a true feel of real Punjab.The traditional Punjabi and Sufi music that was being played in the background added to the whole vibe of the restaurant which set the mood right.

The menu of the festival had dishes that were picked straight from the interiors of Punjab and presented to us. The line up was interesting which included the traditional drink-Kanji , Atta Chicken, Makki ki Roti and Sarson Ka Saag, Kunna Meat and Hare Chholiya Da Pulao amongst others.

My top picks from their amazing menu were:

1. Kaali Gajar Di Kanji
While growing up, Kanji was one of my favourite drinks on during this particular season. I have fond memories of sipping on this tangy drinks in my grandmother’s kitchen while wishing that another glass is in store for me. The Rangla Punjab festival brought those memories rushing back when I had it. Same tangy taste with delicious flavours made the drink even more special.

2. Machhi De Pakore
I am not much of a fish eater, hence I was a little sceptical while trying this out. However, the dish surprised me as I found myself actually enjoying it. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the Machhi De Pakore earned itself a fan in me. Delicious is the right word to describe these amazing treats.

3. Kotkapure Da Atta Chicken
Everyone knows that Atta Chicken is a well known delicacy and it’s origin lies in Kotkapura town of Faridkot district in Punjab. The recipe includes marinating the chicken with secret spices and dry fruits which is wrapped in a muslin cloth. The chicken is then covered in a kneaded flour or atta and roasted in a tandoor.

Watching the chef break open the roasted flour to get out the perfectly cooked chicken was a treat for the eyes. The chicken was soft and the flavours of the spices with the dry fruits was a unique combination. For all foodies, you have got to experience this delicacy to understand the jewels that are prepared in the unknown towns that truly define the rich culture that Punjab has to offer.

4. Kunna Meat
This dish stole the show and definitely won my heart. The dish had amazing flavours with the meat being so soft that it came off easily from the bone. Another traditional dish, Kunna Meat is cooked in a clay pot below ground level. With every bite of the dish, I could taste the variety of spices that were used in it. The mutton had a distinct aroma which came from the method in which it was cooked. The meat had some earthy flavours and aroma which made it a unique dish in itself.

5. Makhane Di Kheer
A gorgeous dessert to end a royal meal. Makhane Di Kheer was a perfect dessert and I loved how the softness of Makhane merged well with the sweetness of kheer. Perfect for the palate, the kheer was not too sweet which made it a perfect dish to savour the meal.

Punjab Grill has done a wonderful job in getting the best of rural Punjab to their tables. Rangla Punjab was a great way to acknowledge the dishes that represent the forgotten delicacies. From servers to the cooks, everyone went an extra mile to make the guests feel connected with roots of Punjab.
P.S. According to inside news, they are soon taking the Rangla Punjab food festival to Mumbai. So Mumbai foodies have now a reason to celebrate.


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