Pizza Express Goes All Festive

With the winter chill keeping us low and dull, only food comes to the rescue of people like me who don’t quite enjoy the cold. Food is synonymous with winters and acts as the perfect go to thing when you’re always too cold.

Pizza Express India decided to make Christmas special and launched their very own Festive Menu which has some special treats for the foodies . They have literally become the bearers of all things festive.
Here’s what their Festive Menu looks like:

Hot BBQ Italian Chicken Wings
Probably one of the best chicken wings I have had till date. It’s one of those dishes where you don’t mind getting your hands messy and simply gorging in. The sauce is a mix of sweet and spicy which gives it a great flavor, in turn making it a perfect starter.

Spinach Artichoke Tuffo With Dough Balls
Dough Balls are synonymous with Pizza Express and when one visits the restaurant-it should be on your To Try List. The is was a mix of crumbly feta cheese, spinach, artichokes , cream and topped with chilli oil. Th soft dough balls went exceptionally well with the subtle flavoured dip. If you are going in a group, these will be perfect to munch on while sipping on the drinks

Verdure Pizza
A classic one , the Verdure Pizza had a generous topping of some red pesto, roasted tomatoes, vegetables and of course, the mozzarella. The pizza had a soft crust and melted with every bite. The basil that had been used as a garnish gave it a beautiful taste. Definitely a must try if you’re a vegetarian.

Linguine Cajun Polo
This Linguine pasta was my favourite. Loved how the flavors of the Cajun sauce and roasted peppers came together. With every bite I was able to associate it with the perfect definition of comfort food. The garnishing of the bacon from top gave it a good texture. Try the Linguine Cajun Polo with Mulled Wine- you’ll love it!

The Big Bad Brownie
Served in a cup, it included a warm brownie which was topped with berry compote and vanilla gelato. To add to the heavenly mix, there was a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Warm, comforting and absolutely delicious, the dessert ended the meal on a high note.

Pizza Express has gone all out to spread the festive cheer and the menu certainly warms the heart. The servers at the restaurant are excited about it as well, and that certainly goes a long way in highlighting how popular a restaurant is not only amongst the diners but also their staff.
The festive menu is on till 30th January, do give it a try- you’ll love it!


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