Handpicked Market

Nowadays with crazy work schedules and no time to have proper healthy meals, we are constantly fighting a war to lead a healthy lifestyle in this crazy never stopping world. There are multiple stores cropping up in the city which cater to healthy meals but one finds it difficult to go around the city picking them up and assembling them together. Fortunately, Select CITYWALK has been organising the Handpicked Market every Sunday and the market is my first pit stop to get my dose of healthy and organic food.


The Handpicked Market is called to be a one stop solution to the finest high quality organic products and when one looks at the products that are offer, every word stands true. There is an array of live food counters which includes the popular Anna Perenna Pizza and The French Farm Gourmet meats and cold cuts. There were plenty of options to munch on while exploring the market.


One stall that really impressed me was the AllNut‘s Cold Pressed Artisan Milk. Being a fan of cold pressed juices, these milk bottles caught my fancy. The variety of flavors left me confused about which ones to try. There was Cocoa, Basil and Cinnamon Almond Milk to choose from. The Chocolate flavor was delicious and hearty. The nutrients of milk and the flavor of chocolate had my tastebuds rolling.



Another attraction are the vegetables being sold at the market. The display is beautiful and the fruits and vegetables look so beautiful that everytime I go there, I am seen leaving with two bags full of them. The luscious colors of these lovelies reflect that they have been handpicked. I recommend all your weekly vegetable shopping should be done from here so that you guys get your dose of healthy food.



Sue’s Homemade Preserve is also showcasing at the market. They have a beautiful collection of pickles and jams which will remind you of those summer vacations spent enjoying those tangy pickles made by your grandmother. I personally loved the Rajasthani Narangi Pickle which was delicious and well prepared. Who knew pickles could be healthy too!


Select CITYWALK has definitely hit a home run with the Handpicked Market. It’s an ideal platform for those trying to introduce healthy lifestyle and for those who are on the lookout for healthier options to include in their meals. Do drop by at the market every Sunday and you’ll fall in love with it.

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