Desi Dabbawala Menu at Shangri-la’s Eros Hotel

Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel does it again and brings us yet another experience of dining in luxury with an element of fun attached to it. We have heard how popular dabbawala’s are in  Mumbai and how perfect their planning is. Tamra, present in Shangri-La has successfully brought us those desi dabbas with a variety of menu ranging from our local flavours to international ones.

Once you’re inside the restaurant, you’ll notice a dabbawalla roaming around the restaurant with a cycle and ringing a bell carrying the menu card. There are different options to choose from- there’s Thailand ka Dabba, Desi Chinese, Desi Dabba, Mera Gaon Mera Dish, Phonier Dabba, Shush Shakahari and South ka dabba. The dabbas include 3 dishes which are in perfect portion for one person and the food is served in coloured aluminium tiffin boxes which makes them even more appetising.

Desi Chineez Dabba

Desi Chineez is every Indian’s favorite. It had all the flavours that one would find in a roadside stall serving local Chinese that has a bit of indian flavours and more of soya sauce and vinegar present in it. The Desi Chinese Dabba included Chilly Chicken, Vegetable Manchurian and Fried Rice. Loved the combination and since I love Pan Asian food, this one was my favourite from the first bite.

Desi Dabba

If you love home cooked Indian food, then this dabba is the one you should pick. The Desi Dabba includes Bhuna Boti Masala, Lehsun Dal and Mint and Tamatar pulao. One dabba gives you a nice wholesome meal and of course the home cooked taste.

The dabbas are served with drinks and i decided to try Masala Cola and Thanda Banta. The drinks were amazing and went really well with the food especially on a hot summer day.


The dabba menu is priced at INR 1100/- plus taxes, and includes a drink in it. The concept truly deserves an applaud!

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