Spaghetti in Arrabiata Sauce

Being a long weekend, I decided to experiment in the kitchen and cook Spaghetti in Arrabiata Sauce. Now I often associate spaghetti as a comfort food which is messy yet delicious, and gives you a sense to let go and enjoy what’s on the plate.

Here’s a quick recipe for you to make when you are in need of some comfort food:

1. 3-4 Tomatoes
2. 2 table spoons olive oil
3. 1/2 onion- diced
4. 3 garlic cloves
5. Basil
6. Salt & pepper
7. Meat Balls
8. Spaghetti

Spaghetti :

1. Take a large pan and boil water in it.

2. Season it with salt and add uncooked spaghetti in it.

3. When soft, remove the spaghetti and drain the water in a strainer.

Arrabiata Sauce:

1. In a food processor, puree the tomatoes to a smooth consistency.

2. Add olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Add onion and saute them till they are soft. Add garlic followed by red pepper in case, you like your sauce to be spicy.

3. Simmer the sauce for about half n hour. Pour in some water in case it becomes thick. Add the meat balls and cook them in the sauce so that the flavours mix nicely.

4. Finish the sauce by adding basil and season it with salt and pepper.

Mix the spaghetti in the cooked sauce and garnish some cheese on top.

Hope you guys like it 🙂