Desi Dabbawala Menu at Shangri-la’s Eros Hotel

Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel does it again and brings us yet another experience of dining in luxury with an element of fun attached to it. We have heard how popular dabbawala’s are in  Mumbai and how perfect their planning is. Tamra, present in Shangri-La has successfully brought us those desi dabbas with a variety of menu ranging from our local flavours to international ones.

Once you’re inside the restaurant, you’ll notice a dabbawalla roaming around the restaurant with a cycle and ringing a bell carrying the menu card. There are different options to choose from- there’s Thailand ka Dabba, Desi Chinese, Desi Dabba, Mera Gaon Mera Dish, Phonier Dabba, Shush Shakahari and South ka dabba. The dabbas include 3 dishes which are in perfect portion for one person and the food is served in coloured aluminium tiffin boxes which makes them even more appetising.

Desi Chineez Dabba

Desi Chineez is every Indian’s favorite. It had all the flavours that one would find in a roadside stall serving local Chinese that has a bit of indian flavours and more of soya sauce and vinegar present in it. The Desi Chinese Dabba included Chilly Chicken, Vegetable Manchurian and Fried Rice. Loved the combination and since I love Pan Asian food, this one was my favourite from the first bite.

Desi Dabba

If you love home cooked Indian food, then this dabba is the one you should pick. The Desi Dabba includes Bhuna Boti Masala, Lehsun Dal and Mint and Tamatar pulao. One dabba gives you a nice wholesome meal and of course the home cooked taste.

The dabbas are served with drinks and i decided to try Masala Cola and Thanda Banta. The drinks were amazing and went really well with the food especially on a hot summer day.


The dabba menu is priced at INR 1100/- plus taxes, and includes a drink in it. The concept truly deserves an applaud!

Amreli At Hotel Diplomat

Amreli, a quaint little restaurant located at the popular Hotel Diplomat is a foodie’s paradise. Last weekend, a friend and I decided to brunch at this restaurant which had been on my to go list since long. Amreli impresses with it’s quirky décor which appears as a combination of classic bistro and a diner. Sidhant Lamba, the owner has done a commendable job with the way the restaurant has been done up.

Amreli offers outdoor and indoor seating and both the areas have been done up tastefully well. One can see that various elements from different corners of the world have been brought together to give the restaurant a global touch.


The restaurant boasts of cuisines which range from Pan Asian, Indian to Thai and there is something from everyone. With a cocktail of cuisines available, they surely are adventurous yet manage to score points in all.

We started with trying out the Sangrias which were well prepared. They had put in a slice of lime in the drink apart from the other fruits which gave it a refreshing twist. They were a wonderful way to start the meal.


For appetizers we had the Char-grilled Mushroom and Flamed Chili Chutney Paneer. The char-grilled mushroom were delicious and had a stuffing of jalapeños and cheddar cheese. The earthiness of the mushrooms came out brilliantly well with the spices that were used. The cheese brought in the creaminess and the jalapeños gave it a hot kick, which made it a great choice.


The Flamed Chili Chutney Paneer was a spicy one. The paneer had been cooked well and had tamarind and coriander chutney in the centre. A yummy dish, this one surely was a delicious choice. Loved how they were able to bring out flavours in a dish of paneer as well.


Next came in Egg Appam with Veg Stew and Tomato Chutney which was a treat for the taste buds. Amreli takes pride in it’s Appams and going by the taste, I support their claim. The appam was light and the egg has been smartly cooked in the center which came in towards the end. The veg stew had been made well and was a perfect combination with the appam.


For the mains, we tried the Chettinad Chicken, Sole Meen Moilee and Appam. The Sole Meen Moilee won over my taste buds. Definitely a wonderful preparation, the dish was exquisite. Every flavour came out well and the creaminess in the gravy, gave the dish a mild taste. The fish was cooked just right and the flavours of spices had mixed well with the fish. This one is a must try at Amreli. You cannot miss it.


Chettinad Chicken was another delicious dish. A spicy preparation, one could taste the various Chettinad spices that had been used in the dish. Chettinad dishes are considered to be one of the spiciest and the most aromatic dishes in the country, and Amreli has made sure to keep that tag intact with it’s Chettinad Chicken. The chicken pieces were cooked well and were soft. The dish went wonderfully well with the Appam.


To finish the grand meal, we had Death by Chocolate for desserts.The cake slice was soft, chocolatey, heavenly and a bit of liquor gave it a great kick. The dish looked beautiful and instantly brought a smile to our faces. The cherry on top stood true to it’s meaning. Death By Chocolate is a must try.

Apart from the food, their service deserves a special mention. The staff is polite and are well aware of the menu. They know the restaurant and were quick to suggest dishes that we should try. Amreli has a quick and efficient staff to add to it’s highlights.

The restaurant is a must visit if you are looking to laze around and enjoy a delicious meal with your family and friends.

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Breakfast at Zambar

It is often said that Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day and one should eat it like a king. The most important nutrients that the body requires should be eaten in the morning so as to get maximum benefits. There are not many restaurants in the city that serve Breakfast and it becomes difficult for professionals who attend work early in the morning but fail to get a good breakfast.

Luckily Zambar, a popular South Indian restaurant, has recently launched their Breakfast menu which has an interesting line up of dishes that include Dosas, Idli, Eggs and Paranthas apart from other dishes. I with my colleagues was heading to Gurgaon for a morning meeting and decided to try their Breakfast menu to give our hunger pangs a rest.

While we decided what to order, we called in for fresh watermelon juice and butter milk. They were delicious and fresh. The drinks gave us a good start and we knew were in for a treat.


The butter milk was spicy and served chilled. The flavours of the spices and coolness of curd came out brilliantly well. The spices gave the drink a kick and with each sip, there was a party of flavours on the taste buds.


First came in the Mysore Masala Dosa and it was delicious. The presentation wowed us and we couldn’t wait to dig in. The dosa was crispy on the outside and had a soft texture from inside. The filling comprised of generous spread of the famous Gunpowder chutney topped with spiced potatoes. The dosa was yummy and the chutneys complimented the dish well.


The onion tomato uttapam was next on the table. Traditionally, uttampams are made with a light dosa batter and the one we were served, was indeed light and delicious. The mix of onion and tomato brought in the crunchiness and softness to the dish at the same time. Lightly spiced with some interesting flavours, this dish was delicious.


Tried my all-time favourite Idli Sambar and Zambar won my vote of trust on this dish. Idli Sambar is a simple dish yet sometimes restaurants tend to mess it up. Light and fluffy idlis were placed on a plate in front of me with a bowl of sambar and assortment of popular chutneys. The entire combination was a hit and I finished the dish in no time.


Towards the last we decided to be adventurous and ordered the Cheese Omelette which was served with slices of toasted bread and butter. The omelette was cooked right and the creaminess of the cheese made it rich and luscious. The interesting part about this dish was that the omelette was served on a top of a banana leaf which was an unusual sight yet right to say that Zambar didn’t leave their trademark behind.


Overall, it was a delicious breakfast and we definitely dined like a king. It is impressive to see restaurants experiment with special menus like these which gives assurance to professionals that there are places to eat open during the wee hours of morning. Zambar opens it’s doors at 7: 30 AM for their breakfast menu which goes on till 11:00 AM. So, if you are at Cyber Hub or near by in Gurgaon for a morning meeting, do try them out.

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Chef In A Box

When was the last time you entered the kitchen and came out with a delicious dish which tasted like that it had been brought out straight from a five star restaurant’s kitchen? We often find ourselves trying to replicate a dish which we would have seen or eaten at a restaurant, however, fail to get the right ingredients or the exact measure.

For all those who love cooking and are always on a lookout for trying out new recipes , Chef In A Box helps you make those lip smacking dishes in the shortest span of time. They play the role of your personal kitchen assistant and send across the ingredients along with a detailed recipe instruction on how to make that perfect dish.

Last weekend, I got an opportunity to wear the chef’s hat and try my hand at making some amazing dishes which I haven’t stopped boasting about to my family and friends. The guys at Chef In A Box sent magic boxes which had ingredients and recipes of the popular Circuit House Chicken Curry and Mutton Rann Curry.

The packaging of the ingredients was impressive with all of them labelled with the sequence they were suppose to be used in. The recipes were detailed out with point by point instructions along with the cooking time. I loved how the dishes were described along with a mention of the chef from whose kitchen the recipe came from.


I first tried my hand at cooking the Circuit House Chicken Curry from Bong Appetit which is run by Chef Sambaran Mitra. The dish is said to have originated during the colonial British Raj where travellers used to make a stop at Dak Bungalows and were served the signature aromatic chicken curry dish by the chefs. Chef Mitra has done a wonderful job in recreating the dish which has such an interesting history behind it. The flavours are aromatic and the taste even better.A simple preparation with complex flavours, Circuit House Chicken was a treat.


Moving on to the Mutton Rann Curry, it had some intense flavours. Belonging to Chef Randeep Lal, the dish is a recreation of the popular Mutton Curry which is spiced with the chef’s secret garam masala. The secret masala had a lot of spices in it which gave the dish heat. The mutton rann curry is a must try during winters or rainy days, where you are bound to savour the dish even more. The mutton took a lot of time to cook as compared to the time mentioned in the recipe, which caused the preparation time to take longer than mentioned. Apart from the small delay, the dish was delicious. It went wonderfully well with hot steamed rice and I had a smile on my face at the end of dinner.


Chef In A Box is a wonderful concept which brings the secret recipes from the finest kitchens to your table, in turn making you a star chef. Be a chef for a day, and try out their fantastic recipes which includes cuisines like Pan Asian, Indian and Italian apart from other yummy things.

Rangla Punjab By Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill has been a go to place if you want to indulge in North Indian flavours and the restaurant has always lived up to it’s reputation of being one of the best restaurants in the country to serve some delectable preparations.
The restaurant recently celebrated it’s Rangla Punjab food festival where the restaurant brought the authentic flavours of rural Punjab to our tables. Punjab Grill recently went to Punjab to discover these interesting flavours so that their loyalists could savour the true colours of the rich city.
The festival was organised at their Select CITYWALK outlet where they went all out in terms of the décor, ambience, uniforms and of course, the food to give their customers a true feel of real Punjab.The traditional Punjabi and Sufi music that was being played in the background added to the whole vibe of the restaurant which set the mood right.

The menu of the festival had dishes that were picked straight from the interiors of Punjab and presented to us. The line up was interesting which included the traditional drink-Kanji , Atta Chicken, Makki ki Roti and Sarson Ka Saag, Kunna Meat and Hare Chholiya Da Pulao amongst others.

My top picks from their amazing menu were:

1. Kaali Gajar Di Kanji
While growing up, Kanji was one of my favourite drinks on during this particular season. I have fond memories of sipping on this tangy drinks in my grandmother’s kitchen while wishing that another glass is in store for me. The Rangla Punjab festival brought those memories rushing back when I had it. Same tangy taste with delicious flavours made the drink even more special.

2. Machhi De Pakore
I am not much of a fish eater, hence I was a little sceptical while trying this out. However, the dish surprised me as I found myself actually enjoying it. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the Machhi De Pakore earned itself a fan in me. Delicious is the right word to describe these amazing treats.

3. Kotkapure Da Atta Chicken
Everyone knows that Atta Chicken is a well known delicacy and it’s origin lies in Kotkapura town of Faridkot district in Punjab. The recipe includes marinating the chicken with secret spices and dry fruits which is wrapped in a muslin cloth. The chicken is then covered in a kneaded flour or atta and roasted in a tandoor.

Watching the chef break open the roasted flour to get out the perfectly cooked chicken was a treat for the eyes. The chicken was soft and the flavours of the spices with the dry fruits was a unique combination. For all foodies, you have got to experience this delicacy to understand the jewels that are prepared in the unknown towns that truly define the rich culture that Punjab has to offer.

4. Kunna Meat
This dish stole the show and definitely won my heart. The dish had amazing flavours with the meat being so soft that it came off easily from the bone. Another traditional dish, Kunna Meat is cooked in a clay pot below ground level. With every bite of the dish, I could taste the variety of spices that were used in it. The mutton had a distinct aroma which came from the method in which it was cooked. The meat had some earthy flavours and aroma which made it a unique dish in itself.

5. Makhane Di Kheer
A gorgeous dessert to end a royal meal. Makhane Di Kheer was a perfect dessert and I loved how the softness of Makhane merged well with the sweetness of kheer. Perfect for the palate, the kheer was not too sweet which made it a perfect dish to savour the meal.

Punjab Grill has done a wonderful job in getting the best of rural Punjab to their tables. Rangla Punjab was a great way to acknowledge the dishes that represent the forgotten delicacies. From servers to the cooks, everyone went an extra mile to make the guests feel connected with roots of Punjab.
P.S. According to inside news, they are soon taking the Rangla Punjab food festival to Mumbai. So Mumbai foodies have now a reason to celebrate.


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Punjab Grill

I often tend to become lazy during winters and generally prefer staying at home in the comfort of my blanket and heater. I was in the mood to gorge on some North Indian food and decided to order in from Punjab Grill. The restaraunt has recently launched their home delivery service and it was a perfect opportunity for me to try to their much talked about food in the comforts of my home.

The menu at Punjab Grill for delivery is elaborate and more or less covers everything that is present in their dining menu. From Ajwaini Fish Tikka to Amritsari Malai Tikka, the choices are endless and definitely delicious.

Packaging is an important part of home delivery and Punjab Grill has taken that point into consideration. The food was delivered in sealed containers so that there was no overspill and when I opened the containers, the food was pipping hot. I didn’t even need to heat it again as it was warm enough for my liking.


Punjab Grill’s USP is rich gourmet food and what was in front of me, was nothing short of a luxurious spread. I started with the Ajwaini Fish Tikka , Murg Malai Tikka, Murg  Tikka Punjab Grill and the Raan-E-Sikandari. The starters were wonderful and loved every bite of them. The Raan-E-Sikandari was exquisite and soft. It often happens that mutton tends to get dry when overcooked, however, Punjab Grill made sure that the meat was succulent and all the spices were intact in it. This one is a must try at the restaurant.


The Biryani was beautiful and aromatic. The flavors of the rice and the meat had mixed well making the dish a treat for the taste buds. The Biryani had an interesting flavor making it a great choice on for dinner.

The Butter Chicken was a hit and sinfully delicious. The gravy was rich and creamy, and the flavours were divine. The chicken had been cooked well and was soft. It was a mild spiced dish which was savoured till the last bite.


Punjab Grill has definitely made enjoying it’s food easier by introducing home delivery. The service is quick and the food is delightful. Punjab Grill has earned a fan with their ever so amazing food.


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Alkakori Alkauser

Alkakori Alkauser, has been a family favorite since a long time now. Known for serving Mughlai food, Alkauser has been cooking up some great food. Suffering from mid week blues, we decided to order in from their R.K.Puram outlet to satisfy our need for some comfort food. The person attending the phone call was prompt to take in the order. We opted for Afghani Chicken and Luckhnawi Chicken Dum Handi Biryani.


The chicken was neatly packed in a foil , and the biryani came in an earthen handi. They took their packaging seriously and made sure that the food was delivered hot.


The Afghani chicken was delicious and well prepared. The meat was tender and lightly spiced. A well prepared chicken dish generally melts in your mouth, and Alkauser aced in the area. The pieces were huge and were good enough for three people.






Moving on to the biryani, it was amazing. Alkauser often finds it name in the list of top places for Biryani in Delhi. The Chicken Luckhnawi Dum Handi Biryani was mildly spiced with 2-3 pieces of chicken in it. The saffron added a great flavor and taste to the rice encouraging us to take a trip to the by-lanes of Lucknow.  Since it was a dum biyani, it was cooked in a clay pot and sealed with wheat flour to promote slow cooking. The rice grains are fluffy and cooked to perfection.





IMG_20150305_153901 (1)


Alkakori Alkauser is worth the calories and worth getting fat for. A delicious meal is a happy me. 😀


So, just Eat.Treat.Repeat

Evergreen Sweets: Street Food Paradise

Being a street food lover, I have been a frequent visitor at Evergreen Sweets. Located in the popular Green Park Market in South Delhi, the restaurant is a popular joint to head to amongst families and youngsters. Last weekend, I headed there for a family get together and it was a food extravaganza on the table. Evergreen Sweets is a complete vegetarian restaurant, there are a variety of options to choose from a long menu. We were spoiled for choices and decided to order something from each section. The top choices that won my vote were:


1. Golgappa’s

Golgappa’s are a Delhite’s first love and I can never get enough of this amazing dish. They are served in a plate along with a glass of the famous paani and, chopped potatoes. You serve yourself and get your hands messy. The paani is well prepared, but doesn’t completely match up to the paani served by your roadside golgappe wala.



2. Chole Bhature

Evergreen acknowledges a Punjabi’s first love – Chole Bhature by making it well. The bhature were crispy and fried to the right temperature. The chole were spicy and suited my taste buds perfectly well.





3. Chaat Papdi

The chaat papdi was deliciously prepared and mildly spiced. The curd and the chutney worked perfectly well for my taste buds. If you happen to visit the outlet, do give it a try.


The service at Evergreen is fast and the staff, are known for their quick service. You will be served and taken care of within minutes of seating. The pricing of the restaurant is easy on the pockets and a meal for two would cost you around Rs.750.


So just, Eat . Treat . Repeat