Tara at Roseate House

Tara, Roseate House‘s new restaurant is all about indulgence of the tastebuds and your eyes. Located next to the infinity pool of the hotel, this Japanese eatery headed by Head Chef Paul John Abayan dishes out some amazing Japanese delicacies.
Me and a friend decided to try this much talked about restaurant, and see what the fuss is all about.
We started our meal with the Longest Sunset, which was an amazing drink – perfect to bring the spring in! It was a perfect mix of orange, lime, pumpkin and white peach, followed by Apple Tease and Devil’s Tongue. The Apple Tease had a fruity texture and was a mix of earl grey tea, jasmine, vanilla and green apple. The Devil’s Tongue was an absolute delight. It is named after the blood red colour which is made of beetroot pure, ginger, jaggery and ginger ale.

The Fried Calamari and the Shrimp Popcorn were amazing. One has to order these while at Tara. The Calamari was fried to the right temperature and went really well with the Tartar Sauce. On the other hand, Shrimp Popcorn was light and flavourful. The popcorn was seasoned with Yuzu salt which gave it a extra punch, making it the right choice for an appetiser.
Being a Japanese restaurant, we had to try the Sushi and the Chef did a great job with it. We ordered in the Chicken Maki Sushi and it was a wonderful preparation.
For the main course, we tried the Grilled Lobster and Salmon Teriyaki. The Lobster was made with shizo pens butter which gave it a rich texture. The  lobster tasted fresh and the flavours of butter blended well with the meat. The Salmon Teriyaki had a great portion size and the fillet was served with a portion of rice. The Salmon had been cooked in Teriyaki sauce which gave it a sweet taste. The main course were definitely a huge hit!
Moving on to the desserts, we ordered the Ancient Cheesecake which had a garnishing of raspberries. The cheesecake appeared to be a little dry, and I have had better ones. On the other hand, the other dessert was The Black Hole. It was as sinful as it can get. The chocolate slice was served with a scoop of caramel ice cream and dresses in lots of chocolate sauce, making it the right way to finish off such a grand meal.
Tara definitely deserves a star as it stands true to it’s name. I can’t wait to go back and indulge myself in another treat at this restaurant.

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Royal China

Royal China boasts of excellence in terms of food and service. Located on the 16th floor of the Eros Tower at Nehru Place, the restaurant is about all things royal. An afternoon brunch with the family, led me to try out the restaurant.

Royal China offers an amazing view of the city’s skyline giving you the ultimate meal with a view goal. The menu is elaborate and if you live for Chinese food like me, then this place is for you.

My favorites from the meal were:

  1. Chicken and Prawn Dimsums

These were delicious and the mixing of meats worked well. The outer coating was light and thin, and the stuffing was      perfectly spiced. You have to try them out if you love dimsums.

2. Salt and Pepper Prawns

This one was my favourite- the crispy prawns had been tossed in a spicy sauce leading to a perfect amalgamation of flavors. The garnishing of chopped spring onions and chillies blended the dish well.

3. Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

The dish had tender chicken pieces which had been stir fried with black beans giving it a wonderful taste. The sauce had a strong flavor which went really well with fried rice.

4. Sesame Noodles

There was something comforting about this bowl of noodles. Tossed in a wok with onions and garnished with sesame seeds to give it a crunchy taste, these noodles were delicious and different from what I have tasted earlier.

The service at Royal China is top of the line and the servers will assist you on what to order. If you just want to go for dimsums, the restaurant also offers a Dimsum brunch on Sunday with unlimited dimsums to gorge on .


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Say Hello to Thai House By Kylin

Popular joint The Kylin has recently opened their new restaurant- Thai House which focuses only on Thai Cuisine. Delhi is known for it’s gastronomy and Thai House makes a smart move by treating the city to some fine dishes which takes the diners on a short trip to Thailand.

Here’s a quick take on the restaurant:


Located in N Block Market, Thai House boasts of a warm ambience. The decor has been done in shades of brown and have been kept minimal. The restaurant is housed on two floors with the second floor being an open terrace. With the onset of winters, the terrace will be perfect for those weekend brunches and long conversations.


1. Poo Ja and Thod Mun Khao Phod

The starters were delicious and were in perfect bite sizes. Poo Ja which was a crab cake tasted delicious whereas Thod Mun Khao Phod was a mix of sweet and spicy Thai patty. They were perfect starters to munch on while we waited for our food to come.

2. Kung Phat Bai Phak ChiI Lae
The Grilled Butterfly Jumbo Prawn was amazing. The prawn had been perfectly cooked, and the flavors of coriander leaves and chili came out brilliantly well. The dish is a must try!

3. Gai Phat Khing
The dish comprised of stir fried chicken tossed with ginger and other vegetables. The defining ingredient was sliced ginger which gave it a great character. It was seasoned well and tasted amazing.

4. Khao Kraya Khu
This one was a sugar-free tiramisu and was an absolute delight. It had a healthy touch to it with the use of sugar-free making it even more special.

Chef Nikhil Kanwar has whipped up some spectacular dishes that will floor you with it’s tastes and flavours. He has made it a point to serve dishes that are his favourites and that just shows how passionate the restaurant is about the food they serve.

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Sushi Junction

Over the past few years, Sushi has become a popular food in Delhi and people have now started accepting it as a part of their daily food intake. With people starting to experiment in terms of different cuisines and flavors, the Sushi industry has gone all out and earned fans across different palettes. Gone are the days when people considered it as a part of gourmet food. With so many stand alone restaurants coming up in the city, Sushi has become affordable and takers.

It is often said that Sushi is a developed taste and doesn’t find much takers in the Indian palette, however it has been tweaked a little here and there to suit the Indian taste buds. Growing high on the sushi scene is popular joint Sushi Junction which has been serving delectable Sushi over the past few years in Gurgaon.

Having opened their kitchen in South Delhi, I decided to order in from them to find out what they have to offer from their much talked about menu. Going through their menu, they do have an extensive list to order from and also with their motto of ‘Sushi Goes Desi’, I knew my taste buds were in safe hands and were not in for an adventure.
Here are my picks from their menu:

1. California Non Veg
The California Roll falls under the Chumaki type of Sushi which is a combination of Crab stick, Avocado, Cucumber and Mayonnaise. The roll was covered with Flying Fish egg that had a crunchy texture and was red-orange in colour. It was served with soya sauce which made it a great accompaniment apart from the usual wasabi. The roll was delicious and the texture of the flying fish egg gave it a nice twist.


2. Salmon
The sushi was a mix of Salmon and spring onions which was served with Soya Sauce on the side. The salmon sushi was delicious and the addition of spring onions brought in a bit of crunchiness to it. It was light and was easy on the palette.


3. Chicken Tori Karaage
This one is your fried chicken in the form of a sushi and it tasted pretty amazing. For all who are sceptical to try Sushi, this one is perfect to start your sushi journey with. The fried chicken with sushi rice turns out to be a great combination and will pleasantly surprise you. This one is a must have if you’re new at Sushi.


4. Kidney Bean Curry Sauce
A truly desi style sushi, the Kidney Bean Sushi is a mix of kidney beans and Indian Herbs. This one has all the flavors of a typical Indian dish and will definitely catch the fancy of Indian food lovers. It is served with a Japanese Curry Sauce which is spicy and has a lot of flavor. It definitely has a lot of Indian influence in terms of taste, spices and of course the flavors. The Japanese are slowly terming it their national food. Well, they are yet to go a long way before they can actually hit a home run with their curry.


Sushi Junction has definitely made a strong start in the Sushi arena in the city and have some promising flavors available. There’s something for everyone in their menu- be it the Sushi newbies to hardcore Sushi lovers. You have to try them to believe them.

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Oat It Out

When was the last time someone mentioned Oats and you made a face? Seems like yesterday right where you had a friend or your mom talking about trying oats and you running away from it. I used to find myself doing that too. However, all of it deliciously changed with the first taste from a bowl of oats. They did taste good and one couldn’t really ignore the health benefits that add on with it. It turned out to be a win-win situation- Oats found a fan in me and I enjoyed the health benefits with the taste. Ever since, I have been on a trip of experimenting with dishes that incorporate Oats and make it the main hero of the dish.

Oats are considered as a food for the boring, but with some ingredients they turn out to be great dishes. They are rich in protein and are a great add on to your staple diet. The friend of mine who introduced me to the wonderful world of oats challenged me to take up the Quaker Oats challenge where I had to show my creative side and come up with interesting recipes.

Desserts have always caught my fancy and I decided to take up this challenge in full force and come up with dishes that are a perfect way to end the meal yet are healthy and low on the sugar level. Quaker Oats are known to be the perfect energy source and are rich in protein. With the ongoing holy festival of Ramadan going on, I thought that incorporating Quaker Oats in desserts would be a perfect way to be a part of the festivities while keeping the guilt of the calories at bay. This challenge particularly interested me since most associate desserts with add on calories, and it was a perfect way to show that they can be healthy too.

I plan to make the FruOaty Bowl which is a perfect dessert bowl and has all the flavors intact:


  1. Quaker Oats
  2. Hung Curd
  3. Museli
  4. Nuts
  5. Honey
  6. Choco Chips
  7. Fruits
  1. Take a bowl and add 4 teaspoon of hung curd .
  2. Add 3-4 tbsp of Quaker Oats
  3. Add 2 tbsp of Museli with nuts
  4.  Add pomegranate and apples to give it the right amount of freshness.
  5. Mix 1 tbsp of honey
  6. For the final touch, add choco chips to give it the sweet touch.
For the second recipe, I opted to make Chia Almond Chocolate Oats
1. Quaker Oats
2. Cocoa powder
3. Chia seeds
4. Salt
5. Hung curd
6. Milk
7. Honey
8. Vanilla Extract
1. Mix Quaker Oats and cocoa powder in a bowl
2.Add chia seeds and a pinch of salt in the dish to give it a crunchy texture
3. Once mixed, add hung curd and milk to the bowl.
4. To give it a sweet twist, add honey and vanilla extract to the mixture.
5. Place the bowl in the refrigerator for 2 hours or even overnight.
6. Sprinkle almond slivers on top of the dessert and serve it.

Dimsum Festival at Asia7

Dimsums have become a popular snack these days. Many restaurants have started exploring these quick bite sized snacks to fancy the taste buds of the food lovers. With people travelling alot and exploring different cuisines, dimsums and Pan Asian food have earned many ardent fans including me. I am always on the lookout of trying different restaurants that offer this cuisine and when Asia7 invited me for it’s Dimsum Festival, I knew I couldn’t say no. Not going there would have been a crime and I just can’t commit it and devoid my taste buds the chance to enjoy my favourite cuisine.
Asia7 is located at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon and has been aesthetically done up. The restaurant is done up in shades of red and brown with dim lighting. The hostesses welcomed us and made sure we were comfortable. They had a good knowledge about the menu which was a pleasure to see. They helped us decide the dimsums and suggested the ones that we should try out.
We decided to try out a mix of veg and non-veg dimsums so that we can savour the flavours of all. The dimsums that really stood out were:

Prawn Har Gow
These were delicious and light on the palate. The stuffing of prawns wrapped in a translucent outer covering was a treat for the taste buds. The prawn stuffing was lightly spiced and it’s elasticity was a wonderful contrast against the transparent skin.


Chicken Spinach Dimsum
These were well prepared and were dipped in a schezwan sauce. The juices of the sauce worked wonderfully well with the delicate flavours of the chicken and the spinach. It was definitely a delicious preparation.


Schezwan Chicken and Steamed Chicken Dumplings
While the schezwan chicken was a spicy one, the steamed chicken dumplings turned out to be a mild dish. The Schezwan chicken had some interesting flavors which suited the palate. If you love spicy food, this one should surely be on your list.


Veg Sui Mai Dumplings
They were yummy and the stuffing was rightly spiced. The dimsums neither too mild nor too high on the spices. The outer covering had been cooked to perfection which them a wonderful treat.IMG_7547


Asia7 has truly done a wonderful job with organising this amazing Dimsum Festival. If you’re a dimsum lover, this one should be on your next to try out places. You will not be disappointed 🙂

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The Fatty Bao

Pan Asian restaurants have become a rage now and many of us have become ardent fans of them. There is a whole aura around them of being quirkier and fun in their décor, ambience and food. Playing on this theme, Bangalore and Mumbai’s much hyped restaurant The Fatty Bao entered the Delhi food scene earlier this year. Being a die hard fan of Pan Asian food, this restaurant had been on my list for quite sometime now. Having heard some great review about the restaurant , I knew I had to try it out and find out what the whole fuss was about. Recently I visited the restaurant and was bowled over with their food, décor and the whole vibe of the place.

Located in the newly done up Sangam Courtyard, the restaurant gives contemporary dining an edge. The walls have fun artwork done on them which brings out the quirky factor. The décor is colourful with a flavour of elegance in it. The restaurant has a warm and cosy ambience which definitely works for it.


The menu is elaborate and has some interesting dishes on offer. All the dishes are explained well along with the places they belong to. While we decided what to order, we were served with an interesting snack which was a mix of potatoes and corn.


We decided to start with the dish that the restaurant takes the name after. We ordered The Patty Bao which had a filling of minced lamb, pickled gherkins and black bean sauce. The bao’s were open faced steamed buns, which were soft and fluffy. The combination of the filling with the mildness of the bao worked wonderfully well. The stuffing was spicy and the lamb so soft. The dish was a wonderful preparation and a must try at the restaurant.


The Three Cup Chicken, a Taiwanese preparation had chicken tossed in soy sauce and sesame oil and rice wine. The dried chillis and basil gave it a great punch. The spiciness of the dish made it a wonderful choice for winters.


For the mains, we opted for Malaysian Chicken Kapitan and Chilli & Basil Chicken Fried Rice. The dishes were exquisite and had a wonderful flavour to them. The Malaysian Chicken Kapitan had a thick and creamy curry with a slight hint of coconut in it. The taste of the coconut milk were not too strong which made all the flavours come out equally well. The chicken in the dish was slow cooked with candle-nuts in it. The luscious texture of the gravy was indeed a treat for the taste buds.


The Chilli & Basil Chicken Fried Rice had some distinctive flavours.The rice was cooked well and the mix of chilli and basil gave it a delicious twist. The rice preparation went really well with the Malaysian Chicken Kapitan.

The Fatty Bao aces in all fields ranging from ambience, food and even service. The staff is warm and friendly, and are quick to help you decide what to order. They had a good knowledge about the menu and were quick to let us know what dish went with what. Unfortunately, decided to give desserts a skip but it’s still on the list since the restaurant is well known for it’s dessert selection as well. This just gives me another reason to schedule my next visit to this amazing restaurant. Can’t wait to get back here. Incase, you guys have missed The Fatty Bao, please make sure you visit it soon. It’s not to be missed! 🙂


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Sidewok, Chanakyapuri

Well, let me start with a confession: My loyalties have always lied with Chinese food. Being a die-hard fan of this cuisine, I am always up for trying out different restaurants that serve it. A family dinner on a Saturday night took us to Sidewok at Malcha Marg, Chankyapuri.

They were quick to take in our reservation considering it was a Saturday night and we were told that there was a waiting of twenty minutes. Within five minutes, we had a call from them that our table was ready. From the start I was impressed with the service as we were looked after the moment we entered the restaurant. Sidewok is done up in shades of red and black which can get a bit over bearing especially in the evenings.

The menu is extensive with a variety of options. The prices of the dishes aren’t that high and are on the lines of Tao or Zen.  From a very extensive menu, we ordered the Chicken Tom Yum Soup and it was amazing. It was perfect for my palette as it was spicy with a tinge of lemon in it. If you love spicy food, this soup is a must try. The lemon grass added a perfect balance to the spices, in turn, giving a perfect ode to the Thai Cuisine.




For the main course , we chose Mixed Hakka Noodles, Chicken Fried Rice and Diced Chicken in Black Bean Sauce.

The noodles were perfectly made and, had chicken and prawns mixed with the vegetables. The prawns won my vote and were easily the best ones, I have had till date. They were crispy and went perfectly well with the noodles. I made sure that I ate all the prawns in my portion of noodles, and leave the chicken and egg for my parents.




The rice was cooked well and was palatable. It went perfectly well with the Diced Chicken in Black Bean Sauce. The chicken dish was spicy, which made it a great accompaniment in the main course section.







When the dinner was over, we were served chocolates, and I feel was a perfect ending to an amazing meal. Small things like these go a long way and Sidewok has definitely perfected the art.

Would I go back to Sidewok? A definite YES!

Highly recommended!

So just Eat.Treat.Repeat (吃的。对待。重复)