Cafe Delhi Heights

Cafe Delhi Heights has become a popular joint over the years and are known for their burgers apart from other variety of options on their menu.


The Jury Lucy Burger is one of the specialities at Cafe Delhi Heights, and must say it deserves all the fame. It is one of the most sold dishes on the menu, and the count is going strong. The burger includes 250 gm of minced meat patty which had a stuffing of cheese and jalapeños. The burger was huge, but on the taste meter it definitely was a strong dish. If you love burgers and of course, have a huge appetite, then Jucy Lucy is the one to try.
The  Pan Fried Noodles with Chilli Bean Sauce, which was basically an assortment of vegetables stir fried in the sauce and served on top of pan grilled crispy noodles. The dish was pure comfort food. Being someone who loves pan-asian food, the dish was really a hit.
Cafe Delhi Heights has been constantly revamping their menu and adding innovative dishes which are great for the palate. There’s something for everyone on the menu which makes it the ultimate star in the dining arena.

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