Why you need to be a part of the Dineout Cocktail Week?

Dineout India once again brings an amazing offer for us foodies. We all love to go out with our friends during the weekends and splurge on food and drinks, and if an offer as amazing like this comes across, it’s a double treat. Diners will get access to curated exotic and unique cocktails at an unbelievable price of INR 200 per drink. Sounds too good to be true right?


Here are some of the restaurants where you can spend your weekends at during the festival:

En-The Japanese Restaurant

En boasts of some delectable food and a view to watch out for. Their interiors transport you to Japan and it’s rich heritage and culture. Sushi is a popular choice here amongst the diners apart from the Miso Soup. They also have an ongoing Sushi Festival which is perfect to pair your drinks with using the Dineout App.

2. Chatter House

If you’re a Khan Market regular, Chatter House must have caught your attention. Located in the middle lane, the eatery boasts of north India, Italian and American cuisine. Being an Irish themed pub, it has a casual ambiance where you can hangout with your friends over a meal and a few drinks. Don’t forget to try out their Dahi Kebab and Galouti Kebab.

3. Circus

Circus, located at South Extension tries to bring the same joy that a Circus used to when people attended it. From the decor to the uniform’s of the servers-everything is on point. Pair your drinks with their Butter Chicken Pizza or Mutton Ghee Roast with Malabar Parantha.

4. Smokey’s BBQ & Grill

Known for it’s ambiance and decor, Smokey’s has been one of the popular places to eat in Khan Market since a long time. Burgers, Steaks, Pizzas- you name a dish and they have it on their menu. Time to pair it with some amazing cocktails, don’t you think so?

Desi Dabbawala Menu at Shangri-la’s Eros Hotel

Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel does it again and brings us yet another experience of dining in luxury with an element of fun attached to it. We have heard how popular dabbawala’s are in  Mumbai and how perfect their planning is. Tamra, present in Shangri-La has successfully brought us those desi dabbas with a variety of menu ranging from our local flavours to international ones.

Once you’re inside the restaurant, you’ll notice a dabbawalla roaming around the restaurant with a cycle and ringing a bell carrying the menu card. There are different options to choose from- there’s Thailand ka Dabba, Desi Chinese, Desi Dabba, Mera Gaon Mera Dish, Phonier Dabba, Shush Shakahari and South ka dabba. The dabbas include 3 dishes which are in perfect portion for one person and the food is served in coloured aluminium tiffin boxes which makes them even more appetising.

Desi Chineez Dabba

Desi Chineez is every Indian’s favorite. It had all the flavours that one would find in a roadside stall serving local Chinese that has a bit of indian flavours and more of soya sauce and vinegar present in it. The Desi Chinese Dabba included Chilly Chicken, Vegetable Manchurian and Fried Rice. Loved the combination and since I love Pan Asian food, this one was my favourite from the first bite.

Desi Dabba

If you love home cooked Indian food, then this dabba is the one you should pick. The Desi Dabba includes Bhuna Boti Masala, Lehsun Dal and Mint and Tamatar pulao. One dabba gives you a nice wholesome meal and of course the home cooked taste.

The dabbas are served with drinks and i decided to try Masala Cola and Thanda Banta. The drinks were amazing and went really well with the food especially on a hot summer day.


The dabba menu is priced at INR 1100/- plus taxes, and includes a drink in it. The concept truly deserves an applaud!

Royal China

Royal China boasts of excellence in terms of food and service. Located on the 16th floor of the Eros Tower at Nehru Place, the restaurant is about all things royal. An afternoon brunch with the family, led me to try out the restaurant.

Royal China offers an amazing view of the city’s skyline giving you the ultimate meal with a view goal. The menu is elaborate and if you live for Chinese food like me, then this place is for you.

My favorites from the meal were:

  1. Chicken and Prawn Dimsums

These were delicious and the mixing of meats worked well. The outer coating was light and thin, and the stuffing was      perfectly spiced. You have to try them out if you love dimsums.

2. Salt and Pepper Prawns

This one was my favourite- the crispy prawns had been tossed in a spicy sauce leading to a perfect amalgamation of flavors. The garnishing of chopped spring onions and chillies blended the dish well.

3. Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

The dish had tender chicken pieces which had been stir fried with black beans giving it a wonderful taste. The sauce had a strong flavor which went really well with fried rice.

4. Sesame Noodles

There was something comforting about this bowl of noodles. Tossed in a wok with onions and garnished with sesame seeds to give it a crunchy taste, these noodles were delicious and different from what I have tasted earlier.

The service at Royal China is top of the line and the servers will assist you on what to order. If you just want to go for dimsums, the restaurant also offers a Dimsum brunch on Sunday with unlimited dimsums to gorge on .


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Pizza Express Goes All Festive

With the winter chill keeping us low and dull, only food comes to the rescue of people like me who don’t quite enjoy the cold. Food is synonymous with winters and acts as the perfect go to thing when you’re always too cold.

Pizza Express India decided to make Christmas special and launched their very own Festive Menu which has some special treats for the foodies . They have literally become the bearers of all things festive.
Here’s what their Festive Menu looks like:

Hot BBQ Italian Chicken Wings
Probably one of the best chicken wings I have had till date. It’s one of those dishes where you don’t mind getting your hands messy and simply gorging in. The sauce is a mix of sweet and spicy which gives it a great flavor, in turn making it a perfect starter.

Spinach Artichoke Tuffo With Dough Balls
Dough Balls are synonymous with Pizza Express and when one visits the restaurant-it should be on your To Try List. The is was a mix of crumbly feta cheese, spinach, artichokes , cream and topped with chilli oil. Th soft dough balls went exceptionally well with the subtle flavoured dip. If you are going in a group, these will be perfect to munch on while sipping on the drinks

Verdure Pizza
A classic one , the Verdure Pizza had a generous topping of some red pesto, roasted tomatoes, vegetables and of course, the mozzarella. The pizza had a soft crust and melted with every bite. The basil that had been used as a garnish gave it a beautiful taste. Definitely a must try if you’re a vegetarian.

Linguine Cajun Polo
This Linguine pasta was my favourite. Loved how the flavors of the Cajun sauce and roasted peppers came together. With every bite I was able to associate it with the perfect definition of comfort food. The garnishing of the bacon from top gave it a good texture. Try the Linguine Cajun Polo with Mulled Wine- you’ll love it!

The Big Bad Brownie
Served in a cup, it included a warm brownie which was topped with berry compote and vanilla gelato. To add to the heavenly mix, there was a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Warm, comforting and absolutely delicious, the dessert ended the meal on a high note.

Pizza Express has gone all out to spread the festive cheer and the menu certainly warms the heart. The servers at the restaurant are excited about it as well, and that certainly goes a long way in highlighting how popular a restaurant is not only amongst the diners but also their staff.
The festive menu is on till 30th January, do give it a try- you’ll love it!


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Say Hello to Thai House By Kylin

Popular joint The Kylin has recently opened their new restaurant- Thai House which focuses only on Thai Cuisine. Delhi is known for it’s gastronomy and Thai House makes a smart move by treating the city to some fine dishes which takes the diners on a short trip to Thailand.

Here’s a quick take on the restaurant:


Located in N Block Market, Thai House boasts of a warm ambience. The decor has been done in shades of brown and have been kept minimal. The restaurant is housed on two floors with the second floor being an open terrace. With the onset of winters, the terrace will be perfect for those weekend brunches and long conversations.


1. Poo Ja and Thod Mun Khao Phod

The starters were delicious and were in perfect bite sizes. Poo Ja which was a crab cake tasted delicious whereas Thod Mun Khao Phod was a mix of sweet and spicy Thai patty. They were perfect starters to munch on while we waited for our food to come.

2. Kung Phat Bai Phak ChiI Lae
The Grilled Butterfly Jumbo Prawn was amazing. The prawn had been perfectly cooked, and the flavors of coriander leaves and chili came out brilliantly well. The dish is a must try!

3. Gai Phat Khing
The dish comprised of stir fried chicken tossed with ginger and other vegetables. The defining ingredient was sliced ginger which gave it a great character. It was seasoned well and tasted amazing.

4. Khao Kraya Khu
This one was a sugar-free tiramisu and was an absolute delight. It had a healthy touch to it with the use of sugar-free making it even more special.

Chef Nikhil Kanwar has whipped up some spectacular dishes that will floor you with it’s tastes and flavours. He has made it a point to serve dishes that are his favourites and that just shows how passionate the restaurant is about the food they serve.

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The word Circus is often associated with clowns, fun and joy, and as kids we used to hear our parents talk about how much fun they had when the circus used to come to town. Circus, located at South Extension tries to bring the same joy that Circus used to when people used to attend it.
From the decor to the uniform’s of the servers-everything is on point. The servers are seen wearing the clown costume and masks on their faces. Here are my top picks served at the restaurant:
1. Butter Chicken Pizza
Who thought that you could mix two of the most amazing things that could have happened to mankind- butter chicken and pizza. A thin crust pizza with a topping of the royal butter chicken made it really special. It tasted delicious and definitely worth trying at the restaurant.

2. Loaded Potato Skin
Boiled potato topped with cheddar cheese had unique flavors and was lightly seasoned. The creaminess of the cheese and the richness of the potato worked really well. Loaded potato skins are perfect starters to enjoy over a drink at Circus.


3. Mutton Ghee Roast with Malabar Parantha
This one is a tiffin meal concept where they serve the dish in a steel tiffin-something that will transport you back to the childhood days when you you would see your father taking the steel tiffin to work. The Mutton Ghee roast was brilliant and packed with flavors. The meat had been cooked well and came off easily. The gravy had a wonderful texture and the spices added their magic to it. It was served with malabar parantha and salad on the side to make it a complete meal.

4. Prawn Momos
The prawn momos were served steaming hot and were yummy. The prawns had been cooked right and seasoned well. They were served along with a spicy sauce making it a perfect combination to devour on.

5. Ultimate Circus Sundae
The sundae is every dessert lover’s delight. Imagine a glass filled with scoops of different ice creams topped with nuts, cherries and a drizzle of chocolate and strawberry sauce- sounds like heaven right? The ultimate circus sundae had all my attention and I enjoyed every bite of it. Ultimate is the right word to describe it and is a must try.

Circus indeed does a fine job in bringing great food, culture and good ambience to life. They have a lot of interesting things on their menu which cater to every taste bud. Do give this place a try!


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Parmigiano-Reggiano Festival at Sorrento

Sorrento located at Shangri-La, known for being one of the finest restaurants in Delhi to serve Italian cuisine is cooking up another storm in the culinary world by paying tribute to the king of cheese- Parmigiano-Reggiano or commonly known as Parmesan Cheese with a specially crafted menu by the master duo -Chef Luigi Ferraro from Italy and Executive Chef Neeraj Tyagi.

I had an opportunity to try out their menu and before I move on to anything, there is just one word to describe the meal and that would be-exquisite. The meal had perfect flavours which were mixed with authentic Italian tastes leading to a wonderful afternoon. The menu features Parmesan Cheese as the main hero which has been aged over 12, 24 and 36 months.

The top picks of my meal were:

1. Chicken and Mushroom Bruschetta

The bruschetta topped with diced chicken and mushroom with balsamic vinegar was delicious. The crunchiness of the grilled garlic bread and the softness of the toppings went very well together. The bruschetta had interesting flavours of the parmesan cheese which gave it a creamy texture. It was indeed, a wonderful treat.

2. Season salad with semi dried cuore di bue tomatoes

The salad was served with a dash of extra virgin olive oil with rashes of Parmesan cheese which gave it an interesting twist. The star of the dish for me was the core di bue tomatoes which had a juicy and a dense flesh making it a perfect fit for the salad.


3. Ravioli stuffed with 24 months aged Parmesan

This one was exquisite- an amalgamation of flavours, taste and texture. The stuffing of the  Parmesan cheese was made into a custard and had been glazed with butter which gave it a creamy texture. The ravioli was garnished with morel mushroom, balsamic caviar and micro greens which added a wonderful balance to the preparation.


4. Parmesan Cheesecake

The cheesecake at Sorrento is probably the best cheesecake I have had till date. The cake was soft and had a delicious taste of the 24 month aged Parmesan cheese in it. It was served with a scoop of 24 month aged Parmesan gelato which was nutty and had a satisfying salty flavour which went brilliantly well with the cheesecake. The drizzle of the spicy chocolate sauce over the cheese cake gave it an exceptional flavor, making it a wonderful end to a perfect meal.


Sorrento certainly does a fine job in celebrating Parmesan Cheese and that too, with such amazing line up of dishes. The Parmigiano Reggiano Festival is on till the September 26, and you cannot miss it especially if you’re a fan of Italian cuisine.

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Spaghetti in Arrabiata Sauce

Being a long weekend, I decided to experiment in the kitchen and cook Spaghetti in Arrabiata Sauce. Now I often associate spaghetti as a comfort food which is messy yet delicious, and gives you a sense to let go and enjoy what’s on the plate.

Here’s a quick recipe for you to make when you are in need of some comfort food:

1. 3-4 Tomatoes
2. 2 table spoons olive oil
3. 1/2 onion- diced
4. 3 garlic cloves
5. Basil
6. Salt & pepper
7. Meat Balls
8. Spaghetti

Spaghetti :

1. Take a large pan and boil water in it.

2. Season it with salt and add uncooked spaghetti in it.

3. When soft, remove the spaghetti and drain the water in a strainer.

Arrabiata Sauce:

1. In a food processor, puree the tomatoes to a smooth consistency.

2. Add olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Add onion and saute them till they are soft. Add garlic followed by red pepper in case, you like your sauce to be spicy.

3. Simmer the sauce for about half n hour. Pour in some water in case it becomes thick. Add the meat balls and cook them in the sauce so that the flavours mix nicely.

4. Finish the sauce by adding basil and season it with salt and pepper.

Mix the spaghetti in the cooked sauce and garnish some cheese on top.

Hope you guys like it 🙂

Sushi Junction

Over the past few years, Sushi has become a popular food in Delhi and people have now started accepting it as a part of their daily food intake. With people starting to experiment in terms of different cuisines and flavors, the Sushi industry has gone all out and earned fans across different palettes. Gone are the days when people considered it as a part of gourmet food. With so many stand alone restaurants coming up in the city, Sushi has become affordable and takers.

It is often said that Sushi is a developed taste and doesn’t find much takers in the Indian palette, however it has been tweaked a little here and there to suit the Indian taste buds. Growing high on the sushi scene is popular joint Sushi Junction which has been serving delectable Sushi over the past few years in Gurgaon.

Having opened their kitchen in South Delhi, I decided to order in from them to find out what they have to offer from their much talked about menu. Going through their menu, they do have an extensive list to order from and also with their motto of ‘Sushi Goes Desi’, I knew my taste buds were in safe hands and were not in for an adventure.
Here are my picks from their menu:

1. California Non Veg
The California Roll falls under the Chumaki type of Sushi which is a combination of Crab stick, Avocado, Cucumber and Mayonnaise. The roll was covered with Flying Fish egg that had a crunchy texture and was red-orange in colour. It was served with soya sauce which made it a great accompaniment apart from the usual wasabi. The roll was delicious and the texture of the flying fish egg gave it a nice twist.


2. Salmon
The sushi was a mix of Salmon and spring onions which was served with Soya Sauce on the side. The salmon sushi was delicious and the addition of spring onions brought in a bit of crunchiness to it. It was light and was easy on the palette.


3. Chicken Tori Karaage
This one is your fried chicken in the form of a sushi and it tasted pretty amazing. For all who are sceptical to try Sushi, this one is perfect to start your sushi journey with. The fried chicken with sushi rice turns out to be a great combination and will pleasantly surprise you. This one is a must have if you’re new at Sushi.


4. Kidney Bean Curry Sauce
A truly desi style sushi, the Kidney Bean Sushi is a mix of kidney beans and Indian Herbs. This one has all the flavors of a typical Indian dish and will definitely catch the fancy of Indian food lovers. It is served with a Japanese Curry Sauce which is spicy and has a lot of flavor. It definitely has a lot of Indian influence in terms of taste, spices and of course the flavors. The Japanese are slowly terming it their national food. Well, they are yet to go a long way before they can actually hit a home run with their curry.


Sushi Junction has definitely made a strong start in the Sushi arena in the city and have some promising flavors available. There’s something for everyone in their menu- be it the Sushi newbies to hardcore Sushi lovers. You have to try them to believe them.

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